How To Make Financial Reporting Easy Using Pos Systems

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How To Make Financial Reporting Easy Using Pos Systems


Rodge Davids

At different times during the year, a company needs to see its exact position in terms of profits made. This has made the need to ensure that all financial reporting done is as accurate as possible so that a true picture is represented to the company whenever they wish to see it. Without an exceptional

inventory management

system many retail businesses would not be able to know whether they are losing ground or making strides towards their corporate goals. This means that, for a retail chain to be continuously sure that they know where they are at any point in time, they must be completely ruthless in their financial reports. Information from these reports greatly assists decision makers steer their companies forward in an informed manner.



point of sale systems

allow their business owners to know exactly how much money they have in their possession in different forms like cash, checks and any other payment forms that are allowed by the company. This is also intricately tied with how products have moved on any particular day at any time they are required. This means, an accounting manager can be able to produce accurate income and expenditure accounts, balance sheets and trial balances when they are required without having to fill his or her desk with unnecessary paperwork. Furthermore, when customers require refunds for example, they can be completed by managers only and in record time to ensure company credibility in the eyes of their customers. This also helps prevent staff temptation to misuse cash.

Another important financial reporting involves end of business day cash reports. This system mainly involves cashiers reporting the money in their docket thus making it faster to detect cash gaps. Furthermore, if there are unauthorized cash outs a good retail management system can be programmed to send out alerts to their managers so as to handle this issue in the shortest possible time. This is a very important function because companies lose millions of dollars annually in unresolved cash related issues and sometimes tracking them manually can prove fruitless. A good retail management system provides traceability and this visibility allows products and money to be traced very easily whenever the need calls for it.

For a financial manager in a retail chain to find the right justification between holding liquid cash as operating income or holding it in stock form, can be very difficult unless they have acquired many years of experience or if not, a state of the art stock management system. Information from an inventory control system allows an accounting manager to hold only the stock that is required for that particular period of time and make the necessary adjustment when the need calls for it. Furthermore, an accounting manager can provide important information on the kind of margins that would make the most impact for the business and also how to leverage high margin products alongside low margin products to make more money.

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