Tent Etiquette That You Should Follow During A Roopkund Trek}

Tent etiquette that you should follow during a Roopkund trek


Romesh DuttNowadays more and more people are opting for adventure vacation packages. Many people from across India and the rest of the world dream about experiencing the majestic Himalayan range at close quarters and Uttarakhand has become the latest hot spot for adventure holidays. People choose different areas of Uttarakhand for trekking and camping adventures. Of course camping in the Himalayan valleys is a pleasure and you will definitely be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place. Do remember however, that you are part of a larger group of people who like you are here to enjoy the mountains and the fresh air. If you are camping along your trekking trip then it is a good idea to experience life in a tent. Most of the times, tents have to be shared, on a Roopkund trek or a trekking trip elsewhere. You need to make your tent mate as comfortable as you yourself would like to be and this is the reason that there are some tips that you should follow which will make you an excellent tent mate. It would be great if your tent mate remembers the good time spent with you along with the experience of the Himalayas.Remember that when you are at a high altitude there are enough challenges to be dealt with as it is. There is the weather, the fatigue from trekking, the lack of homely comfort and more. In this situation you should not behave in such a way that you become a problem for your tent mate. As a good tent mate you should be genuinely concerned about the comfort of your partner in the tent. To ensure that your tent mate has a good experience with you, all you have to do is keep in mind the basic stuff like keeping your shoes and socks only in the balcony area. If it is raining, put them in a plastic bag and keep them outside, do not bring them in the tent at all. The other thing to ensure that your tent mate is comfortable with you is to avoid shuffling your belongings in your tent. If you constantly pack and unpack your luggage then it is bound to disturb your tent mate and it will be uncomfortable for them during a Roopkund trek Uttarakhand or elsewhere. For this make sure that you keep your stuff in such a way that you have to do the minimum shuffling.Nobody feels comfortable with clutter and messy surroundings. This is the reason that you should keep your belongings neatly organized and make sure that you backpack is packed efficiently so that you don’t have to keep your things lying around in the tent. There are many trekkers who dry their clothes on top of the tent, but this is something you should never do. The wet patches will damage the tent and the clothes will also not dry. Take a small string with you and tie it between two trek poles to dry your clothes.

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