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If you are thinking of installing new gates to your home, there is a whole host of classic and contemporary designs to choose from. Home owners usually prefer a design that complements the existing style of their home. A beautiful gateway should be in harmony with the aesthetic facade of your property. Whether you live in a rustic looking villa or a home that is modern and compact, there is a gateway design that can fit in to suit your landscape.


Often the driveway and entrance are the first things visible to people from the street. You can make the most impactful impression on visitors and passersby by installing ornamental gates that enhance your garden and landscape. Ornamental gateways can be made of wood or metal. Although metal is a tough, durable material, wooden gateways and fences are very attractive. They are available in a wide variety of designs and with proper maintenance and occasional restoration they can last for years and years.

Before you make a decision about installing that gorgeous new design you discovered at a friend’s home or on your travels, there are many aesthetic and functionality considerations you may have to take into account. Some of the points you have to bear in mind are:

  • Budget: swing gates are usually less expensive than sliding gateways. The two designs may be made of the same material and be of the same size , but mounting and operation of the latter type requires a track, rollers and other hardware while swing types only need hinges (pivots).
  • Maintenance: swing types require least maintenance, especially if it is non-automated, manually operated. Sliding gates do need a clean track that is free from leaves and debris.
  • Available space/ radius of swing: the main advantage of sliding gateways is that it requires very little space to be operational. Levelling has to be perfected to permit the proper functioning. Swing gates require sufficient space for the radius of swing to be unobstructed. The home owner would also need adequate space on both sides.

When you are installing a new gateway, automated versions with electrical motors should be installed by experts. Professionals can offer many additional security features like access control systems, remote control operations, solar powered systems, battery backup, CCTV, intercom etc. When you hire a professional you can access maintenance services for your system so that you are assured of the long term hassle free operation of your gates. Portland residents can avail of the services of local contractors with expertise in installation and maintenance.