Is Lupus Causing Your Adult Bed Wetting?}

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Is Lupus Causing Your Adult Bed Wetting?



Ingrid Preube

One of the causes of adult bed wetting is the autoimmune disease Lupus Nephritis. But before you go jumping to any conclusions, adult bed wetting can have many underlying causes.

It is definitely an indication of a problem to be bed wetting as an adult and as such should be investigated. To diagnose Lupus as the cause of this bed wetting requires a very detailed analysis as adult bed wetting may be caused by any number of kidney or bladder conditions. Bed wetting as an adult does not immediately imply that the patient has Lupus.Whatever the suspected cause, a doctor should be consulted right away if one of your loved ones or yourself is suffering from adult bed wetting. Adult bed wetting is not normal, and indicates that something is wrong. Unlike childhood bed wetting adult bed wetting is not cured by behavioral changes.Urination can be controlled with medication if the underlying cause of the bed wetting is not considered to be one of the other causes, but is in fact caused by Lupus. Whilst medication will help, there are also some other products that might make your life more bearable whilst the bed wetting episodes continue. One of these products is a bed wetting alarm that is specifically designed to help you wake up and use the bathroom before a bed wetting scenario occurs. If bed wetting does occur, the use of adult diapers can also help to save the burden of all the extra laundry that would normally occur. These products may not reduce the embarrassment of bed wetting, but the can limit the uncomfortable aspects.Dealing with a condition like Lupus its very easy to let your self esteem suffer, resulting in depression. Its very important that you keep your self esteem high and avoid the depression that can be caused by dealing with Lupus.Conditions like Lupus and bed wetting can be very straining on your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical condition, so its important not to let the condition affect your psychological well being.Bed wetting no matter what the cause can be very distressing, and its important that you tackle it with the correct mental attitude to ensure success in the treatment of the symptoms and the underlying cause.After an initial consultation with your doctor, they will most likely reveal to you that the episodes of adult bed wetting are inevitable. And whilst this is generally the case, alternative medicines and alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy can also be used to deal with the symptoms of Lupus induced adult bed wetting.

Ingrid Preube

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Is Lupus Causing Your Adult Bed Wetting?}